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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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  • Currently, at Cbiz, creating scandal "show body" to become popular "fad" and are racing to young artists learning. The prajnao of artist image that the public must put a large question mark. Kha Lam Dong: Bruce beautiful Women also show a loop like

    Kha Lam Ngoc Dong women are pure as her metaphor in the real Bruce Lee Female

    Long legs grossing Kha Lam Dong since appeared to her also for von Bruce Female beauty through pure beauty like maidens. Born in 1988, Kha Lam Dong is holy face, sparkling eyes. However, after only a short time on the job, Kha Lam Dong 's not afraid to show off the bikini round a fire. Feet long with three rounds of perfect measurements 91-63-91 confidence appeared in numerous commercials sexy.Compared with the image, a bright angel Kha Lam Dong glamorous, fiery clearly more photogenic. But also, she was not most parents love because they say she has become ... bad girl.

    Born in 1988 feet long Kha Lam Dong chest showing confidence crisis
    Can Lo Lo 

    Lo Lo Can Dance Academy dance school in Beijing and quickly caught the eye of some well-known television producer. Even she has a chance to play a role in the film can not be separated in 2009. Can Lo Lo 's early days to appear though not outstanding but it does not meet the language. However, young women do not like the normal and simple. Now referring to Can Lo Lo people think of the sexual act, nude photography.

    When I first joined the entertainment industry, Can Lo Lo keeping indecent images and do not reveal

    But it was her picture a few years ago

    Wang Y Cons
    Cons Y Wang launched a shocking images show a huge ring on camera. Netizens even more surprised when just before a new career for some time, she Disadvantages Italy United girl looks like a meek ​​and innocent. Step change almost "mutation" is causing many people to her assistant fire for a sexy new trend nowadays.

    Wang Y in bad light 

    and fiery
    Show Han Chau

    Called with the name "Little Gong Li ", European Show Han emerging China in the modeling industry because she is not just a pretty face, much like female stars Gong Li , but also owns a beautiful body wonderful with endless legs. But unlike pure face, Han Chau Show prefer the bold change and only way.She is frequently on the press showing more body curve is due to the reputation of his face "little Gong Li ".


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