The funniest moments in Oscar 2012

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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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  • Oscar Awards 2012 is taking place with a lot of personal honor, collective contributions to excellence through quality film projects during the year. Sidelines of the red carpet events and award ceremony , there are many interesting images are journalist recorded. It's very funny moments of stars in the prestigious awards of this world. It also means Nhe!

    Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the highlights of the red carpet when he brought "urn containing the ashes" by ... 

    ... and sprinkle on the red carpet 

    star Many women have accidentally ... general shape 

    but after a while, the right to organize to clean up 

    George Clooney winked at who? 

    Just go to the awards, recently interviewed as Cameron Diaz 

    Sandra Bullock panic because this one? 

    It turns out is met acquaintance 

    Carol ... Brad Pitt is pointing 

    ... fans this 

    golden couple of Hollywood and "his hand monitor each other" as the movie 

    cheerfully couple found seats 

    is a lot of veteran artists' hands shook celebrate " 

    Getting to meet two actresses to take photographs 

    Sandra Bullock and George Clooney have to do so? 

    Yes "conflict" on stage u? 

    Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz: "We are nice, we reserve the right ... to pose before the announcement of the award"


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