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  • Shortly after New York Fashion Week (NYFW) , London Fashion Week (London Fashion Week - LFW) has continued to bring fashion designs characterized Britain for Fall / Winter 2012. The most obvious difference of LFW compared to NYFW is the BST is somewhat quiet, simple and lighter, but they still lack the fineness by the appearance of the prevailing fashion trends. The same trends of the Autumn / Winter Highlights at London Fashion Week just too light!

    A. Green Army

    Deep green color and dust characteristic of military uniforms has given designs Fall / Winter at LFW style "extreme nature" and energetic. However, the uniqueness of army green trend this year is that the designers use it on many diverse design such as jackets, long coats or both elegant suit.


    Topshop Unique

    Margaret Howell


    Two. Floral - Printed Apparel

    It seems this fresh trend will not ignore any fashion week or any season. Become prominent trend in NYFWwith the flower design from head to toe (head-to-toe floral) designs with motifs bloom once again making the catwalk at London Fashion Week back should be more attractive and lively.

    Jonathan Saunders

    Michael Van Der Ham


    3. Longer skirt

    In addition to the mini skirt and leg-length maxi dress heels, Fall / Winter this year, women will have the opportunity to make her become an elegant but still very modern and handy with the long skirt covered legs. With this trend, style or slightly empty hugging skirts are the designers take advantage of many of their BST.

    JW Anderson

    Topshop Unique

    4. Baseball jacket

    The flak jackets bulging appearance and characteristics of suspended baseball jacket is the designers are very creative use of BST Fall / Winter at LFW . If Mulberry bring baseball jacket pattern a bit fancy and feminine clothes to match it with Pringle of Scotland or Thomas Tait looks to retain robust features leather and labor ...


    Thomas Tait

    Pringle of Scotland

    Five. Leather pants

    Leather are the designers of London Fashion Week a lot of use for different designs, including especially the pants with designs ranging from empty tube design pants, flared trousers level of cross the 70's for the convenience of tights ...


    Thomas Tait

    Topshop Unique

    6. Trousers, frock

    Costumes inspired by a work clothes were no longer strangers to everyone. However, after a long time absent both in fashion and life, but now, the pants or frock brought very interesting features breakthrough for the BST Fall / Winter New at LFW . In particular, the combination of liberal and dust between the sample trend with oversized shirts or shirts promise to become "hot trend" for the unique and dynamic young people preferred style.

    Topshop Unique

    Louise Gray


    7. Velvet material

    If fashion's Autumn / Winter 2011 flooded the luxury of aristocratic coat materials, the Autumn / Winter this year, the costumes are made of extremely unique promises can overwhelm the trend map fur "super hot" of the old season. By never, the designers re-created many young velvet design, sophisticated and diverse as this in 2012.

    Topshop Unique



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