Lee Jun Ki has recently demobilized 'dating' Shin Min Ah

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  • Sunday, February 26, 2012
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  • Just a week after the completion of military service, he's cute eyes Hý Korea was on the screen makes fans happy with new information.

    Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah will play a pair of new films.
    Both pairs will match the historical drama Arang , which is set in the Joseon Dynasty. Shin Min Ah plays the ghost - victims of a murder. Lee Jun Ki also plays the integrity of the court, suddenly aware of the existence of ghost stories and so determined to make her desire for vengeance. 
    Arang has special meaning to both Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki. By the beauty they Shin, film marks the return of her small screen two years later My girlfriend is a gumiho . As for the guy cute double eyelids, thisis the first film after completing military service on 16/2.
    Discharged the same day, Lee Jun Ki had a fan meeting in Seoul last 3 hours. Over 1,500 fans came to cheer him on, in which many fans from Japan, Taiwan and China. Next March, he will continue to make 3 different fan meeting in Japan and released the single preparation named Deucer .
    Lee Jun Ki fan meeting on 16/2.


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