Li pockets $ 300,000 brought on Oscar red carpet

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • Total long white dress, the beautiful United charming language as mermaids and highlights on the red carpet cinema events of the world's largest light 27/2.

    This is the first time the honor Li strode the red carpet of the Oscars. Overseas Chinese women are 20th Century Fox invited to attend the ceremony as the female lead of The Snow Flower and Secret Fan .
    Li glamorous red carpet dress in exquisite haute couture of the Georges Chakra.
    However, the most notable effect is probably Lana Marks purse that beautiful hand. $ 2 million yuan (about $ 310,000), this wallet is made from white gold, diamond and especially senior English name (Li Bingbing) of Li attached on the purse.
    Delicate bracelet made of gold and 70 carat diamonds.
    Of the beautiful earrings add 12 carat white diamond.
    A source said, after the success of Snow Flower and The Secret Fan , Li received the invitation of the fourth film in the Hollywood studio famous.


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