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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • No need to know financial beauties of acting as Zhang Zi Lin, Huang Services, Wu Chimpanzees ... to, but just to shed their clothes are made ​​attractive enough for films

    Wu Chimpanzees
    3D film Flesh remove the funds as a level 3 hot movies and huge collection of revenue for manufacturers.Flesh omit not only get champion of Hong Kong film awards, but also known throughout Asia. Contributing much to the film's hot this is show cast female breast, which highlights the beauty of all of Wu and Lam Yen Chimpanzees in the female lead. But after this movie, Wu Chimpanzees that the defendant "and then stripped off, then show off your chest, then his role is all always."
    First African Road
    The film does not risk sex Di , Da economic soul is not causing waves in the village but Asian film actress hot First African Road is known for showing images breasts. In addition, First African Road starred in the movie Police future but it seems this film has no place for her land as a staging jointly with other stars such as Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Dai S.
    Royal Services
    In recent years Royal Services is actively involved in acting. Only thing seemed just fine apart from the men as Nicholas Tse, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Lau ... she is like that movie will fail to participate. But the movie East into western achievements in 2011 is quite successful with a Martian language and staging scenes "sexual act" of the Royal Services.
    Pure Land School Profile
    Disciples with the participation of the Pure Land School Profile as she died Arab nghap addiction drug carpet is also one of the successful movie film Hong Kong. Heady momentum, maintaining the Site was closed for several other films and also the hot adds up exponentially with the sex scenes revealing.
    Dao Manh
    Dao Manh made ​​the audience curiosity, but to the cinema to enjoy the movie she plays like she is my sacred social gambling , Kim money empire ... But the cool scene of Dao Manh also does not help her avoid " Award "actress acting worst Hong Kong.
    Bruce Infection
    Just hearing the name is enough to see the movie one night shallow love promised to hot scenes. Movies have become hot with bold acting of Bruce infections. In this film she has devoted the audience underwater sex scene. No driver , Long Vu Mon , Dong Phong Vu is also a movie showing the beauty of the State chest infections.
    Zhang Zilin
    The film The Underdog Knight 2 also becomes more prestigious Miss World Zhang Zilin sacrifice for art to shed clothes. This beauty is in the candidate list celebrity hot scene of cinema audiences United languages.


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