Alessandra Ambrosio goes belly carrying the Oscar

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • Brazilian supermodel belly was proudly feast grove grove at Oscar by 'wife' singer Elton John held.

    This is the second pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio. Although rather large belly were born supermodel in 1981 but still very alert and slender as to the party of the Elton John AIDS Foundation held at Park City of West Hollywood - Beverly Hills, California.
    Sexy long legs dressed in an academic and offset shoulder dress by Roberto Cavalli. These curves glittering silver dress that Alessandra body slender and more neatly. She was also selected by Ferragamo shoes and bags with jewelry by Martin Katz to combine luxury with this dress.
    She also displays ... Kourtney Kardashian flushing with - reality TV star is pregnant. Two pregnant women, but everyone seems to have a graceful and charming front lens of the photographer.
    Alessandra Ambrosio is pregnant with her second child with fiance Jamie Mazur is. Before coming to the party of Elton John, Jamie was Brazilian model and invite each other to eat at the restaurant Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills.
    The night before, Alessandra Ambrosio starred in a pre-Oscar party. She look very stylish short skirt and belly, despite her still excessively high shoes black.


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