Semi-nude to protest the models 'thin'

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • Disagree with using too thin model of Versace at Milan Fashion Week, the girls have organized protests in the state do not wear.

    Reportedly, the girls come from a feminist organization called "Femen" was established early in Ukraine since 2008. The purpose of this activity is to organize for equal rights for young women in Ukraine. They are known throughout the world protests to "show off his chest" like yesterday in Milan, Italy.
    Three girls topless to protest the samples 'thin' at the Versace fashion show
    Three girls wearing jeans, topless chanting "Fashion = Fascism" and the word "appetite" was scribbled on them. In the Versace models are performing revenue BST 2012-2013, the winter outside, the girls were very excited, they are pushing to get into the scene but police were promptly stopped.
    Police force to stop them entering the stage
    Versace model was criticized for being too skinny
    Last year, Versace has also been criticized for allowing too skinny models on the catwalk presentation.Recently, the Association of Fashion Designers America (CFDA) has put a lot of rules for the fashion industry to the island as well as healthy benefits of the samples.


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