The two most prominent trend nail on the Oscar red carpet

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • These two trends are the cosmetic nail Hollywood's most beloved in this year's Oscar season is dark colored and glossy white paint.

    It seems that this year's focus cosmetic nail color based on the color of the dress.Cameron Diaz opaque white nail polish, the same tone with chest hugging dress she is wearing
    Even the beautiful Penelope Cruz is preferred to the natural nail. Sometimes simplicity makes surprise again
    Dark purple that Penelope Ann Miller choose fits tight sexy dress
    Michelle Williams does not seem to nail the outfit chosen by skin color
    Choose attached sequin dresses too extravagant, even Ellie Kemper to nail her natural looks still very prominent
     Actress Sandra Bullock winning an Oscar also picked shade of black nail fairly simple
    Queen of Pop - Latin Jennifer Lopez is one of the few beauties of the selected type gaudy nail a little bit, but the background color is white ball
    She "black swan" Natalie Portman was chosen nail color with bold black dot dress ball
    Standing on the Oscar red carpet, Li is not inferior to the beauty of Hollywood. From clothes to her nail color selection was perfect
    In contrast to the striking red dress, charming, Emma Stone selected ball colorless nail polish
    Angelina Jolie is no exception
    From clothing to accessories, jewelry Milla Jovovich are very uniform color, so that perhaps her nail color selection is white pearl
    Actress Kristen Wiig beautiful blue nail color, and indeed it is very prominent on the champagne color dress


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