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  • Thursday, April 12, 2012
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  •  Google cars drive themselves, or Transition flying car recently launched in New York exhibition in 2012 will contribute to the appearance of the automobile industry in the world.

    At each auto show, we are witnessing the emergence of countless cars models, including models of traditional forms, some owned by other novel design and attractive, while some only in the form of ideas and do not know when can become a reality.
    However, from early 2012 until now, the village of cars the world has witnessed the emergence of two "phenomenon", which can cause the appearance of the automobile industry change, it is self-drive car's Google and Terrafugia's flying car.
    Self-drive car is actually not so new idea, but to do that, the manufacturer is still many things to do.Meanwhile, the company Terrafugia has just successfully carried out test flights on the flying car named Transition Tuesday 23/3 last, in the presence of hundreds of journalists, world-renowned magazine.
    Through the same point the most promising projects had been launched recently, the project brings great hope for the automotive industry in the world.
    Cars drove by Google
    Internet firms are leading a project cherished car turned into a Toyota Prius conventional self-propelled vehicle and initially have obtained good results. According to AP , this car was able to turn, stop and start automatically when the driver does not need to touch the camera thanks to sophisticated systems and highly sophisticated sensors. The clip above is carried out under the assistance of Steve Mahan, a blind man, to commemorate the event Self-propelled vehicle hits 200,000 miles of Google testing. 
    Car Terrafugia Transition flying
    No longer an experimental project, the Terrafugia flying car has received the consent of the aviation authorities as well as the U.S. Administration to road circulation on the street (and in the sky). If you have adequate means of driving both cars and private planes, you now have the opportunity to own cars "two-in-one" for $ 278,000 USD.
    However, the premiere exhibition in New York on 5/4, Terafugia said it can only be shipped approximately 10 units in Transition in 2013 when orders were up to a hundred units.
    The project car BMW Connected Drive
    Not as flexible as Google's self-drive car, BMW uses a preprogrammed structure on their cars to handle the situations on the road. BMW Connected Drive technology that was developed can be used on the current model of the firm but then, that the cars can only run on the journey laid out. In the future, to the German carmaker will develop further to release the vehicle can operate in any situation.
    The project "vehicle towing" of Volvo
    With technology called Road Train of Volvo, the driver must control a "car owner" to pull in a variety of other vehicles behind in the same itinerary. These will connect the cars together using Wi-Fi. According toAutoblog , this project is in the final stages to complete, was released in late 2012, allows "drag" 6 cars at once.
    Cars PAL-V flying
    Like the Terrafugia Transition, Pal-V (Personal Air & Land Vehicle) could move flying and on the road. The flying car was developed in the Netherlands and can reach a maximum speed of 177 km / h.
    Mitsubishi i-MiEV
    If the names are quite strange to many people, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV has resonated less certain. i-MiEV has gained a reputation as the most fuel-efficient vehicles in 2012 by the Environmental Protection Agency U.S. EPA announced. 4-seat car is equipped with a lithium-ion mass and electric motor, making the car easier to reach a maximum speed of 130 km / h, very suitable for a driver of urban form.


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