Why Vietnam waist compete with crop top trend

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  • The shirt is bold and sexy star is currently the Vietnam prism-move enthusiasm to prepare for a hot summer.

    Crop top - mezzanine style shirt, short on the cord which had been known for a long time, associated with dust gypsy style but glamorous or classic, but the way out, daring. Crop top is now the second most used types: design clothes like shirts and jackets bearing broad style of the ancient corset dress. The whole point of the two samples are short on this shirt or to the navel, revealing the entire second round, helping women get smart show off "his back" slimming.
    In ancient times, women are rarely used as a crop top outfit to wear on the street every day, except the style Romany gypsy / bohemian new liberal area they frequent. Then, this suit also appeared in many fashion styles of modern Western youth.
    But not until the spring / summer, when the "big" in the fashion world such as Dolce & Gabanna, Prada, Versace ... brought crop turn top on his new BST, the new shirt is really popular all over the world, including Asian countries which still have many preconceptions about clothes comfort of the West, and Vietnamese Nam is no exception to this trend spiral. 
    Of course, undeniable crop top item is quite the way out, so when the star Vietnamese began to "update" this trend, in addition to those who create the impression of gout and daring fashion trendy, there many cases are not public.
    Children are notorious nest with gout who fashion the way out. Children have the top oat crop early. She looks so youthful personality and combination print crop top with jeans cloth.
    Ho Ngoc Ha was also showing sexy slim waist with a black crop top and jeans torn dust.
    Crop top with senior officer accidentally reveals not very muscular belly of Thu Thuy.
    Angela equation also in the mix crop top with jeans young ..
    ... but behind all the back to show, that shirt becomes too sexy, very wrong with the old style of the equation
    Chen Page gypsy style with dust on the catwalk wearing a white crop top with denim shorts jeans and sweat ...
    ... and charming, sweet retro style to wear with pants cropped corset top designs classic empty.
    Orange-red color with trendy motifs that look beautiful and radiant highlights.
    Talk personality page, featuring metallic crop top, mix with skinny jeans and high heeled sandal fancy.
    Le Miu cropped top to make it became clear when selected combinations of woolen long sleeve black dress with legs spread a little old blue and yellow berets.
    Crop top appears filled with motifs drawn to the. Truc Diem elegant but still very modern with the shoulder crop top pencil skirts and legs.
    Thanh Hang is also extremely attractive in design and crop top design corset spreading leg vintage dresses ...
    ... or full of life with a crop top and shorts blazers "super short", showing the standard form so graceful way.
    British actor recently Letter regularly appears with a tight crop top, mix with a pencil skirt legs.
    Pattern matching outfits helps Anh Thu smart breeze is still within 2 Na swallow his ...
    ... but also the right selection at the beautiful costumes and somewhat inconsistent flash.
    Ho Quynh Huong ...
    ... Phi Thanh Van and which are so often overly expressive on stage and in the style of dress.
    Mai Khoi probably be the first to put crop top showbiz Vietnam, and also made the first public ... lost in love with this shirt.
    Facial hair, how to choose an outfit other than the person making the wings of Mai Khoi become offensive
    Ha Anh with the advantage of showing the whole body has been in crop looks sexy corset style top and shorts level that's probably slightly retro sweet.
    Or strong personality with a black crop top and baggy pants strangers.
    But a black crop top with chest late, showing nearly half a ...
     ... the same leg during this sheer dress that made her lose points in the eyes of fans.
    Kate Moss Vietnam - Thuy Duong gently dirt out front crop top with tight mini juyp.


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