Ferrari 458 gold plated, in a dragon

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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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  • Super car with wheels and some other details besides gilded like a dragon flying over the bonnet where the number of only 20 units, for the Chinese market.

    This year round is 20 years since Ferrari arrived in the Chinese market by TS 348 model. To celebrate this event, Ferrari has released a special 458 in the Dragon and gilded rim with only 20 units.
    Ministry special wing of car is a new red called Marco Polo Red, derived from an ancient Chinese proverb meaning refers to the strength, the spirit of the Dragon and Horse of ancient legend .
    The most eye-catching element of the vehicle exterior is as gilded dragon flying over the hood, next to the horse as dancing. Broken yellow stripes, black with the Dragon and Horse running from the bonnet and front to rear roof. In addition, also gold-plated wheels.
    Meanwhile, interior headrests embroidered with gold and the start button is engraved in Chinese characters make its own mark.


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