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  • Successful career and life of existing wealth can not erase the sad childhood and unfortunate family circumstances of many age-welding of terms such as United star Liu Yifei, Yan, Leung Vy ...

    Since Yi was young, her parents divorced. After going to her mother remarried a Japanese man, Yi was the mother to Hong Kong. But soon, her mother came to Japan with this man Yi also be sent to care for her sister, and her sister often mistreated.
    After the lash of her cruel, she returned to her mother and stepfather. Her mother later returned to Taiwan to live and Yi are in with the father.
    Yi's life began to prosper only when she entered a singing career. Yi's father who always supported her footsteps into the entertainment industry, but there the night she recorded the song Papa Do not say , then her father died. Since then Yi returns to life without their loved ones. Perhaps these turbulent childhood without love makes Yi can not endure staying with a man that life.
    Liu Yifei
    The rumors about who her "little United Spectacular" until now remained a mystery. However, many said that, the success of her current stepfather is a too formed. In fact, as Liu Yifei was 10 years old, her father was due to bankruptcy should provoke strong suicide in America. To survive, her mother had remarried his ex-girlfriend with Tran Kinh Africa.
    But what makes it amazing that, Liu Yifei is rumored to be her stepfather, "How culture" from years 14 to age 20 with the outer casing is adopted father. It's incredibly beautiful to look fragile, this tender has to undergo the obstacles in life like family.
    Since childhood Jerry often teased as "the fall" because he is the result of an illegitimate affair single mother.But from the little Jerry was a child of filial piety and always brought his desire "to become a proud mother."As a born and grew up in a poor family so hard Yan and early adulthood. He never shirking his illegitimate children and was always nice to his family life unscathed.
    Tony's childhood can say is half happiness half bitter. His father, due to rapid enrichment should have pushed the family into a breakup separation. Because the same lines, he has embarked on the path that gambling and alcohol addiction family increasingly miserable poverty. After his parents divorced, Tony started to become depressed and lack confidence, the shadow of childhood made him fear marriage and perhaps this is one of the reasons he married quite late.
    Luong Thi Lac
    Luong Thi Lac actor after giving birth to billionaire Li has suffered so many things known as "shepherding" giants. The reason is partly due to how poor her family before. Luong Thi Lac childhood lost his father and had to sit regular bus to the relatives to ask for money to live. As early as age 12, she had to sign a lease "busts" for the industry, the polar bear lives and multiplies pressure compared with their peers.
    Linda Ly
    Perhaps due to father a child should abandon reason Linda and sister love each other very much. Her father was previously imprisoned in wartime Japan - Hong Kong. After the Japanese surrendered, he was married but due to the inherent romantic element to her father left her mother to live with another woman. Since then she does not contact the father and for his illness until his death when she appears.
    Chan also has a quite dramatic due to family circumstances during childhood, the house was so poor that parents must bring him back home to a farming family for adoption. From a child he suffered the pressures of life destitute farmers with heavy work. Up until now I still yearn to recall the past, the biggest obsession of his is his youngest brother also be sold for $ 3000 too bad about the poor, his parents do not feed well.


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