Ly Nha Ky sobbed before rumors married

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  • Thursday, April 12, 2012
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  • Representative of the actress said she had insomnia in Hong Kong when the information and images of a wedding in 2000 she appeared in the newspaper spread.

    Are busy with a series of tourism promotion projects in Vietnam, Ly Nha Ky is the crisis before the wedding license and married her in 2000 on multiple pages. Many reporters have contacted her to ask for the information and images of a wedding was supposed to have happened in the past.
    Reply to this rumor, female tourist ambassador said: "It shocked the States, not for fear that it's true because so many things from scandal fatigue brought in during that time. States can not imagine such things private, they can also be constructed to lower the honor to me. "
    "From about academic qualifications , one about love, about the diamond trade ... Any story must also be corrected and even explained to the end as the inability of its business Zydo diamond, not a big brand in the world. But eventually, a site also "hit" to salvage a "What angry" because States dare "dared" to sue them. I think if we continue to be fiercely debated, run by scandal, his opinion was taken, then I will go where and what? I get tired, demoralized, takes time. Instead take the time to work, to offer and people look at the work that assess personality, as well as my way of human life ", Ly Nha Ky share.
    Step foot in Hong Kong, is excited before the new plan and barely resting after a long flight, actress reverse wind has lost sleep and cried all the tears: "It is time to feel all the new States is the cruelty of public opinion, the cold of the information. They do not care how I will, will happen when slander or knowingly "expose" something ".
    Files sparked rumors married in 2000 of Ly Nha Ky.
    According to her, reported that she had a husband and life is like "full glass of water" for their suffering during that time. She was still standing does not mean that she is strong, because: "States are women, though strong to overcome the waves where there are also tears and a heart. Said would ignore public opinion to step up and live it is a lie. Now someone verbally you, whether verbally simultaneously, then you also hurt and upset, let alone bring them to humiliate himself before millions of people. But I do not want another scandal swept round to it some people just standing in the dark just chuckled to see "the end of the film." States also expect people to be generous than to States have enough energy to work and dedication as a tourism ambassador for his full term. "
    Ly Nha Ky is currently in Hong Kong to discuss preparations for the official tourism promotion conference in Hong Kong Vietnam with the participation of so many large companies and other cultural leaders. The event is expected to be held in late June / 2012. 21/4, she will fly to the Philippines to represent Vietnam Tourism Philippines received congratulatory logo and announced they also own one of seven natural wonders of the world organized by New 7 Wonder launched a review selected.
    Ly Nha Ky do not want public opinion "bitter" for her to concentrate for the full schedule of upcoming. On 22/4 Ly Nha Ky will fly from the Philippines to Vietnam to diamond exhibition. Then on 27/4 she will fly to Hanoi to attend the ceremony to receive the Bay as world natural heritage held at My Dinh Stadium. On 30/4 she went to Ha Long to attend the Carnaval festival ...


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