6 jeans most prevalent trends summer 2012

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  • Thursday, April 12, 2012
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  • Along with light-colored jeans, pants leaf motifs in striking or senior officer is also the fashion trend of the most popular this summer.

    Whether you live in a time no matter what the jeans have never lost the "warmth" of it. Whether designing dresses many and varied to where it is impossible to replace the jeans look simple, no frills. The reason people love jeans perhaps because it brings comfort and ease of combining map.
    Let's name the six trend jeans "hot" in the summer:
    The one thing we easily see that from early winter until now, light-colored jeans trend has always been "storming" on the catwalk and the street. The bold colors like red, yellow, green, purple, orange is the girls cleverly combined with simple colors, including white, black, silver in a very harmonious
    But combining two bright colors together is a great idea
    But besides that, many girls also fascinated colors pastel (including mild colors like peach, cream, blue, mint green, pink, lemon yellow ...). This design combined with pants shirt will be very romantic
    Jeans printed with motifs motifs emerge as flowers, leopard prints, patterns plaid ...also very catchy. There are two good ways to map the distribution patterns printed jeans: Choose a plain shirt or jacket printed with different patterns
    Jeans are tight mezzanine perfect for her shape and has a slender long legs. These girls a little bit chubby or modest height is not recommended because it will look pants to reveal the defects on the body
     Jeans and white lacquer gives the wearer a dusty substance, is suitable for the girls personality. Mix this with clothing designs pants Pleiades next door, light colored shirt or vest would be great mezzanine
    Jeans senior classic style (including the design shorts) are dominating this summer.Pants look best dressed with shirt shirt bra and crop top. However, if you do not like sexy styles, can coordinate with the senior officer flared tube shirt and do not forget to pack your


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