Vietnamese top 10 feet long prominent on stage spring-summer 2012

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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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  • Featured on the catwalk at the beginning of the year, supermodel Kim Dung, Miss Royal Le Page and teen models Bao Tran, Ngoc promise you will continue to shine in the upcoming summer show .

    In the fashion images with the theme special Color of Life , Ta Nguyen Phuc - Director of PL Model cleverly interlocked, introduces 10 fine person he believes it will be the face of the core, typical spring-summer 2012 catwalk. The selection of 10 faces is a good sign when the runway is always need new factors bravery and stylish alternative to a generation which has become famous models and locate a firm position.
    The supermodels, beauty queen will "wing"
    The character first director of PL Model refers to a solution Supermodel Vietnam Dong Kim Dung . She is now appearing in many programs Fashion & Life, A + fashion with other big shows. With impressive style pose for the cameras and diversity, becoming a stage for VEDETTE Kim Dung is not a distant dream.
    Together won the Supermodel with silver Vietnam, Thuy Linh also many factors that predict breakthrough this year. Currently, Thuy Linh is quite expensive supermodel show performances and fashion photography.
    Miss won the Miss Sea in Vietnam, Hoang Le Page looks pretty strong with fresh definition of a beauty queen and ownership style shape attractive, professional on the catwalk. As supermodel Kim Dung, in addition to the catwalk, she also appeared on television with a role of film in order to touch.
    Property strange faces and impressive new factor catwalk looking, My Van Kha had reached the finals Vietnam Supermodel 2010 and is quite expensive show as a fashion model, advertising. March past, My Van Kha was filming commercials for a major brand with Johnny Tri Nguyen. She now faces is often selected in the tour in France, Hong Kong designer Minh Hanh.
    Silver Star winner model 2011, Truc Nguyen is striving to assert the position catwalk. Currently, she is very pleased the designer Van Thanh Cong. The designer said that Truc Nguyen is a promising face the prospect of Vietnam village fashion.
    Youth soar
    Besides the age of nine models is the fashion of the profession are seeing many exciting breakthrough of the young model. Bao Tran, Ngoc Quy Nhan Truong My, Thuy Tien, Water and Environment is the brightest faces in this group.
    Bao Tran have the opportunity to constantly appear on the next stage Vietnamese foot long series of VEDETTE. With the advantage of beautiful face with height highlights, Bao Tran, who made ​​a stir online community and foreign press (China) mentioned the news of the emergence of a model young style and impressive presentation beautiful face as Miss.
    Property 1m15 long legs, are considered breaking the record of the First model Thanh Hang village, Ngoc Quy winning Gold Teen Model 2010 and is the darling, appearing regularly in many fashion shows of the PL.Currently, both Bao Ngoc Tran and you are going, but both schools still devoted time to arrange his day job as a model.
    Marine Environment is an impressive finds. She is 178cm in height are always outstanding choice and appear in most of the event fashion show as well as large and small.
    My Personal Account is a pretty interesting case. In the Elle Show recently, high 178cm girl is now 11th graders has caused some surprise the audience with beautiful faces, bright stage with impressive style and professional. She is considered one of the indispensable hotgirl World fashion programs held in HCM City Youth Cultural House.
    Pretty impressed in the final contest Beauty Modern women in 2011, Thuy Tien quickly won the hearts of many designers, the fashion director. Director Ta Nguyen Phuc said Thuy Tien has pretty face, most likely will advance.


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