KBS "dim of" Big Bang because of conflicts with YG?

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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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  • This attack is believed that KBS for YG Entertainment.
    Big Bang has recently appeared in the program Celebrity Broadcast KBS 2TV.

    Remarkably, the title of that segment for 5 boys KBS "The return of the Big Bang , there must be a return has been forgiven? " has made ​​the group's fans were skeptical broadcasters intentionally " dim row "their idols. The content of  Celebrity Broadcast  seemed to refer only to whether there is too soon to Big Bang back incidents of cannabis G-Dragon and accidents of Dae Sung in 2011.

    The fans say the title "inappropriate" and the contents of this segment resulting from the inherent relationship of KBS many conflicts with the management company of Big Bang - YG Entertainment . In 2010, KBSand YG Entertainmen t arose about issues around long before the Big Bang are appearing in new show of this station. Then, the stars of the YG Entertainment no longer appear in the program awarded byKBS . The activities of the "chicken YG "is not present in the blockbuster show Music Bank in Paris .

    However, a representative of the Celebrity Broadcast , said: "This program not intentionally attackYG Entertainment . SM Entertainment or JYP Entertainment is not the exception. We talk about all the famous people. We just give it up because Big Bang has returned. We do not do the program to target someone. "


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