'Sway' with the same Big Bang Music Video on 3D

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  • In early April next top band Asia will "land" to Vietnam. From this point, the FC of the Big Bang had planned to catch idol details at the airport, with a desire to "touch the idol."

    Talking about the Big Bang and 3D clip of the group there is still plenty of interesting things. So too "crazy" these guys should be on the Internet appear more extreme 3D MV fans to "adapted" to the idol satisfied watching a clear and deep one. However, many people probably also no wonder the news Big Bang to perform a 3D clip "genuine" but really to advertise a Korean brewery. In the ad, the members and extras uniformly blue-red 3D glasses and cheered, holding hands, then raised his beer and yelled. The arrangement of the actors are holding hundreds of hours in front of beer to create the effect of "convex, concave" when viewers see 3D. Furthermore, there was the Big Bang members spray before the screen, they even thrown the waters are clear on who looks extremely eye-catching. All these are arranged to create a sense of purpose "virtual truth" for the viewer's eyes
    Capture the 3D trend worldwide, the brand Mobiistar was "conceived" and launched a new touchscreen phones have the ability to watch 3D music video, high-quality 3D movies without glasses. Before you have the opportunity to touch the Big Bang at the airport in April, why not try "touch" to them a simple pole on the palm of your hand through the 3D clip of Big Bang discretion? .
    Create 3D images in commercials most of the Big Bang

    Big Bang is one of the pioneer artists Korea for movement to 3D concert. Big Bang Big Show Concert 2010 was recorded again with 3D cameras and then released as a disk. All the ornamental columns, smoke effects, fireworks, fireworks paper ... has been fully utilized, making the viewer feeling like you are immersed in her own home in this concert. Most notably, because every fan are already owned a lamp encouraged to join the concert, when this picture was shown 3D format to be sparkling more than ever, as the viewer was standing in a "forest brightest "so. However, these images before if you want to see the house is available to watch a 3D TV, 3D glasses. But now, an extremely convenient and cheap, which is owned phone lines of Mobiistar 3D without glasses, not only feel all the effects listed above you can see anywhere anymore there.
    3D View of the Big Bang concert by phone Mobiistar 3D glasses

    After the anticipated product launches, we believe that 3D phone will enjoy creating new 3D movement of all customers. Mobiistar new phones are designed with wide screen from about 3.2 to 3.5 inch, fairly certain style, just holding hands. In particular, the image quality of this camera is quite good, especially the ability to watch 3D music video, 3D movies in high definition .... to ensure the authenticity and the specific effects of the popular 3-D film . The most important thing is the price of the phone line is extremely "soft" (only around 2 million), in accordance with any one fancy new technology, many applications, the top entertainment.


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