17 years to conquer the big screen's 'En small' Vicki

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  • After nearly 20 years of acting, "Xiao Yen Tu" is preparing a new turning point in his career, became a director films adapted from novels "I do not like America."

    After a long hard year incarnation and follow the instructions of others, Vicki decided to write his own story.Her first film chosen name for the youth is slowly fading ( To our youth is fading away ) is adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name Tan Di drive - available in Vietnam with the name I have like the U.S. does not .
    In the release the crew of 27/2, Zhao said, the film is a gift she dedicated to young people - a vibrant, love and hate hard but will never return - of all people.
    Although the actor admits is a difficult and miserable but Vicki, this landmark is not goodbye to her with the passion that she has been attached for 17 years. Beauty want to continue to be an actor.
    Looking back at the images of the beloved woman United terms on the small screen for nearly two decades:
    Born in 1976 in Anhui, Zhao to the film by accident. It was in 1993, she was chosen in a very small role - providing women in the diversification of film with the participation of Gong Li. Then, in 1996, "En small" pass the Beijing Film Academy and began his career as a professional actor.
    Zhao drama in the first story Rainy day turned into 10/1995, aired in July / 1996. Lan Miao her role is supporting role.
    In 1996, Chinese actress the opportunity to participate first leading role in the filmSisters in Beijing .
    In the movie, Zhao Wei plays a Little Snow White - a rustic girl to Beijing with dreams to change your life.
    In 1996, she joined the drama cup Female Children length of 18 files. She transformed the role of nurse Quantitative Children with dreams of becoming a famous singer. Now, Vicki is still a girl pregnant with his face traumatic stress disorder, in the morning, not the U.S. image overseas women attractive as the current language.
    Vicki in Kangxi act of 1998.
    After a long time only known role, Vicki began Quynh Dao attention. Female writers have brought her to film school students with the first glory of his career and became a popular star in Asia.
    In 1997, Zhao Wei Yen Tu served as Sub-tron g Express by Quynh Dao.
    In 1999, Express also offers Vicki became the youngest actress to receive the Golden Rooster Award, giving her friend as Tam Lin.
    Along with fellow actor Alec Su (A Ca Ngu role in the Express ).
    And these "brothers" in the Express .
    After Express, 1998, Vicki and Alec Su abreast of continuing Luc property blowing room .
    Whatever appears continuous but Alec Su and Vicki still feels fresh for fans.
    In 2000, Zhao starred in ancient disturbing natural Association of Women with Nicky Wu.
    In the film, she performed two plays Tue Tran Binh and Moc Search Center - Search Binh Luc mother.
    In 2000, Zhao Wei "reunion" two friends Alec Su and Ruby Lin as the New River special glasses .
    Zhao's 2006 film joining god Xa with Lu Yi and Ady.
    Paired with Vietnamese Phan Minh - Dong Jie husband - in the saddle so the Flower (2005).
    In 2007, Zhao join Thank you love . She plays Vi Vu - a magazine journalist falls in love with a married man. Many people believe that this is not a role with Vicki and it shows in the strained interpretations of "small swallow" on screen.
    Liu Ye in the film with a girl epic (2009). In the film, Vicki must reflect the character of Christ Enter Africa from 16 years to 66 years.
    Vicki and "daughter" in an epic girl. This is the latest drama of her.


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